23 May 2008

Where's the Love? Pre-weekend drama

My sister and I stayed home yesterday morning to catch the live telecast of the American Idol Season 7 Finale. Call it a Poor EQ Moment, but the suspense from the previous night's show was killing us. Both finalists did so well that we couldn't tell who would win the fight and take home the title (Sorry, I just read so many allusions on this finale being a boxing match that I just had to get that out of my system, hehe) Suffice it to say, we were ecstatic to learn that 'our' David prevailed c/o 12 million votes more :D Waiting with bated breath now for his post-Idol album.

During my free time that followed, I surfed the net for articles and images on the AI Finale. Aside from my bookmarked favorites, I googled a bit to see what else was out there on the subject. People were talking about how this was a better finale than the previous Season (Almost the equivalent of watching Sophia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"). IMHO, I really enjoyed the Season 5 finale (Taylor Hicks: "I'm living the American dream, people!", Me at home: Sniffles of joy) It came to my attention though that maybe out of 10 online articles only two mentioned that a (little known) Canadian artist named Bryan Adams performed with the Top Six guys :( No photos either...this one is from http://debasish.wordpress.com (The travails of Access Denied surfing).

Nostalgia aside, Bryan Adams' music is great (driving music) and his skin seems to have improved since the 1990's (although this could be attributed to technical matters such as camera angle, lighting, etc.). So I'm a little bummed out that his AI performance was mentioned on a music fan site, but clearly missing from an established entertainment site (Clue: EW) which dedicated four pages to the finale—with paragraphs on Donna Summer and George Michael plus a parting question on the Jonas Brothers (Jonas who? Just kidding!)—as well as a photo album on the event (It seemed that every guest performer had a picture except for Mr. Adams).


Anyway, I must agree with shellybean of www.curlio.com who says, "Okay I will be honest, once Bryan Adams took the stage this became the best finale in AI history. Bryan Adams could 'sing the phonebook' as far as I am concerned. That man is AWESOME! (enough school girl)"

To end (useless information that may one day save your life), www.wikipedia.org states, "

Adams released his new album 11 internationally on March 17, 2008. The album will also be released in the U.S....on May 13, 2008. The first song released from the album is called "I Thought I'd Seen Everything". Adams also is planning a 11 days in 11 cities tour to promote this album...Many critics consider 11 his best and most successful album since the groundbreaking Waking Up the Neighbours, released in 1991.

On May 21, 2008 Adams sang on American Idol during the season finale, joining the top six males in a medley of his songs. His appearance coincided with the US release of his latest album."

Happy weekend, keep smiling and God bless!


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