29 May 2008

I found you (again)

I came across a French poem by Jacques Prévert (1900-1977) back in the 1990's (high school? college?) and was so moved by it that I remember writing it down in many of my notebooks. I even tried memorizing it, with feelings, haha! Well, I thought about it this month and decided to 'Google' it (french poem/cups/sugar/cries). Today, I HEART Google...


Il a mis le cafe He put the coffee
Dans la tasse Into the cup
Il a mis le lait He put the milk
Dans la tasse de cafe Into the cup of coffee
Il a mis le sucre He put the sugar
Dans le cafe au lait Into the cafe au lait
Avec la petite cuiller With the little spoon
Il a tourne He stirred
Il a bu le cafe au lait He drank the coffee
Et il a repose la tasse And he replaced the cup
Sans me parler Without speaking to me

Il a allume He lit
Une cigarette A cigarette
Il a fait des ronds He made rings
Avec la fumee With the smoke
Il a mis les cendres He put the ashes
Dans le cendrier Into the ashtray
Sans me parler Without speaking to me
Sans me regarder Without looking at me

Il s'est leve He stood up
Il a mis He put
Son chapeau sur sa tete His hat upon his head
Il a mis He put
Son manteau de pluie His raincoat on
Parce qu'il pleuvait Because it was raining
Et il est parti And he left
Sous la pluie Under the rain
Sans une parole Without a word

Et moi j'ai pris And me, I placed
Ma tete dans ma main My head in my hand
Et j'ai pleure. And I cried.


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