17 October 2007

Ticket to Ride

I FINALLY rode that choo choo train that goes around the basement level of Festival Mall. It's been there for more than a decade and I had no intentions of setting foot in it until I became a Ninang. Of course, Layla got to ride it three times so she's a veteran passenger now. With different people, too! It was actually a fun trip around the Mall. Even funnier were my comments during the ride: "Layla, look, it's Jollibee! And National Book Store! And Chowking!" Well, what else could I say to catch her attention. I guess it was the first of many more rides at Festival Mall.

03 October 2007

Lulu reborn

After more than six months...



Yahooey! Misadventures, here we come ;)

Happy midweek, everyone!

01 October 2007

My early Sunday morning affair :D

I had a full Sunday planned out: have the car vacuumed, bring the dog to the vet, do an ocular of Manila hotels for the upcoming visit of our Global COO, attend a 3pm GK Med/Dent Mission meeting in Breton, hear Mass, clock in some OT work at the office, clean my room, stay up until midnight for Kiko's surprise party...my whole day changed when I turned on the TV in time for the replay of TODAY on 2nd Avenue for Bruce Springsteen was on :D So I said to myself, "Screw everything else!", took a seat on the couch for two hours (with yosi breaks) and just enjoyed the moment. I was so high after that, I had to drop by Music One and BUY a Bruce Springsteen album. Only to find out that they had ZERO albums of The Boss in the store (It's a conspiracy!) :( I ended up purchasing two new wave compilation discs and an el cheapo Best of Bon Jovi CD (which is actually not bad).

Here is a partial Entertainment Weekly blog entry on the event that I found this morning.


I can SO relate to the blogger, even if I was (tragically) in the comfort of my own home. Not that I'm a middle-aged fan; this man is old enough to be my father ;) It was so moving though to see the crowd respond to the songs he performed, regardless of their age, gender, or race.