19 January 2008

Career Opportunities...

Don't laugh, but my ultimate dream job ever since I could remember was to be a Pinay homemaker ;) I'll expound on that further someday.

Since that hasn't happened, yet, my second dream job was to work at the Front Desk of a (five star) hotel :) I guess it's the thrill of meeting people from different walks of life during those moments of check-in / inquiries / check out. I remember being drawn to this line of work when I was in the Curatorial Department of the Ayala Museum of Philippine History training the Tour Guides on the visitor programs and initial interaction with the museum visitors...I was more comfortable at the Reception Desk than with being in my office brainstorming activities for permanent and changing exhibits.

In the previous century I REALLY TRIED to 'break into' the hotel industry, but I never got the chance to do so.

Then I was devastated...

Just kidding!

During the course of this month though (after 2.5 years in my present company and counting) I've realized—through two weeks of interaction with visiting French bosses and Spanish engineers—that I'm presently living out my second dream without having to stand up all day behind 'the desk'

I could live with that :D

Attached are photos of some people I've met on the job to-date (American secretaries, Spanish engineers, French bosses and kiddies of the secretaries).