19 September 2007

I have no shame ;)

One of my French bosses arrived in town last Saturday afternoon and will be working at our Mill until Friday afternoon so I decided to ask him if he wanted to go to a 'Beach Party' (PJ, Jose and Mael's birthday bash at NAX!). To my surprise (Really?), he agreed. Maybe the magical phrase was Open Bar from 9pm to 11pm? Anyway, come 9:30pm we were on our way to the venue, in our beach attire, where we stayed from 10pm to 3:30am, wild! In my defense, I just asked him to let me know what time he'd like to get back to the hotel and I think he was game to stay until sunrise :O It was a really fun party in general, but it was also so cool to know that my boss is such a cowboy: he joined a drinking game and pretty much got along with everyone (He could be left alone at a table and have animated conversation with whoever was there) + he wasn't drunk when we finally called it a night. We went swimming though on Sunday morning (10ish?) and we were pretty hung over then so siesta-sunbathing (+ more than 10 laps each in the pool) and mineral water nalang. Such a crazy weekend, haha! :D (The things we Executive Alalays do to keep our bosses in good spirits)

Photo c/o VinceL (Thanks-thanks!)

14 September 2007

Waiting for October 2007

I'm giddy...Bruce Springsteen will launch a new album ( Magic) on 2 October 2007 :) There is also a video for one track (Radio Nowhere) over at Amazon.com and it's kewl! He's really come a long way from singing in the N.J. bars. Hope he comes to Southeast Asia some time soon...Like before he can't fly on a plane anymore :( Anyway, check out some before and after photos from his website and around the web of him + The E Street Band.

03 September 2007

My second home (1981-2001)

I went to Alabang Country Club (ACC) last Saturday morning to indulge in a trip to the parlor. I decided to kill some time at the pool deck before going to Starbucks-Madrigal for SE Gawad Kalinga after lunch. As I sat in one of the cabanas, I got all sentimental when I realized that I spent 20 years of my life hanging out at the pool deck as a club member. Not to mention 16 of those years as a part of the ACC Gators (swimming team). We're now members in another country club, but nothing moves me the way that boxy 25m x 25m swimming pool does...

Generation Next

My sister and I attended the birthday party of our former neighbor's son (Zye, son of Eric) with Layla in Ayala Westgrove last Saturday. It was neat to see our other former neighbors and their kids. Trying to get them to stay still for a photo was another challenge.

L-R: Mark, Mijo, Quito, Alia, Andrea, Layla, John and Alia