09 April 2007

A looonnnggg swim

I've been a member at a nearby Country Club for a little over a year now. One perk I maximize is to enjoy a swim anytime from 7am-9pm, seven days a week. Being a national athlete in a previous life (one international competition back in the 80's, heheh!) I decided to rebuild my endurance in the water. I remember back in April 2006 I was happy to finish 20 laps during one swimming session. I worked my way up to 40 laps. Then 60 laps. Eventually I got bored doing all those laps and turned to the gym for a healthy distraction.

Since it's Summer again, I went for a swim with a friend a couple of Sundays ago. For every four laps he'd do, I would finish eight to 12. Well, my goal was eight but I got carried away in mid-swim and had to do a few more laps to cool down. In a moment of silliness, I said my goal was to swim 100 laps. So my friend challenged to me to do so.

Almost two weeks later, I actually swam 100 laps in one session, wild! It wasn't as difficult as I had previously thought it would be. My major fear was to lose count but I just took note of every 100 meters (four laps). I also started a little late in the day (9:40am) so I ended a little before lunch (11:10am) and suffered a nasty case of sunstroke for the remainder of the weekend.

I now sport a deep orange glow (Shades of buttered pan de sal or fried chicken according to my former carpool mate). Nonetheless, I'm now ecstatic to do another 100 laps. As well as look for another healthy challenge to pursue.

It's funny, aren't they?

I was in the parlor this afternoon and was amused by the Editor's note of the local version of a global tabloid-esque magazine (Clue: It consists of two letters and ends with an exclamation point). She wrote (and I quote), "I just love being a woman. I can get to wear so many clothes --- jeans, dresses, fab tops, and oh the shoes! I can also play with many hairstyles and hair colors, put makeup one day and decide to go barefaced the next. Sounds vain? Sure DO!" :D

05 April 2007

Copi session

I've been in the same company for almost two years and my #1 administrative issue remains: How do you make a good cup of brewed coffee? I'm more of a hot chocolate and fruit juice person by nature. I try to indulge in a cup of coffee though once a week but I need take it before lunchtime or else I'm wired until well past midnight (It's genetic). So I've tried one tablespoon = 1 cup water, one tablespoon = one and a half cups water, even one tablespoon = two cups water and I'm still not sure it's good. What's your formula to a great cup?


I stumbled across this 80's Quiz on Entertainment Weekly the other day and managed to score a nine out 10. Relive the big hairdos of yesteryear...


The happiest place on earth is a plane ride away

On www.ew.com (Entertainment Weekly), Stephen King wrote about coming up with a Department of Fun since a lot of what's on the news seemed depressing as of late. I really giggled myself silly when I read his first suggestion for the DoF ;)

Everybody hates it, so why not pay security personnel extra to dress up as Disney cartoons? Wouldn't you feel more cheerful if it were Snow White giving you the wand and the Seven Dwarfs telling you to take off your shoes? Wouldn't your comfort level jump if it were Goofy scoping out your bod in the X-ray machine? Sure, these costumes would be uncomfortable for the staff, but even that would cheer up travelers; ''There you go, turkey,'' they'd think, ''now you know how we feel.''

Lulu Sandwich :(

On the afternoon of 9 February 2007, Friday, I asked permission from my boss to leave the office early and replace our defective company coffeemaker at the nearest S&R (warehouse price club?) store. After he approved my undertime, I decided to have a cigarette with my office mate before taking off for the weekend. Little did I know that the events that would transpire after I extinguished that stick would change driving for me forever...

There I was taking my usual route from the office to the national road, entering the highway (northbound) then exiting at the interchange nearest the store and my home. I paid the toll fee with my E-pass (prepaid) and stopped at the first intersection en route to S&R, waiting for the light to turn green. I was immersed in thoughts of hanging out with my niece at home and the lyrics of "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News (It was playing on the radio). I remember sitting up straight and looking at an oncoming passenger jeepney in my rear view mirror. Then it hit me. No, the jeepney REALLY hit me. Well, Lulu :(

The driver was making a right turn but there wasn't enough space for him to complete it and (he claims) his brakes didn't work fast enough so he rammed into Lulu's right rear side. I felt myself roll forward and wasn't ready for what actually happened. I stepped out of the car and realized that Lulu's hood went under the truck in front of me while my hatch, right rear tail light and bumper were crumpled because of the jeepney's pipe fender. Words can't express the way Lulu looked (not so hot anymore) so just check out the photos.

It's been almost two months since that bummer afternoon. The truck driver in front of me suffered whiplash but just asked for a Php1K to straighten out the back of his truck, The jeepney driver and I went to the Police Station to file a report. Lulu is partially repaired. I'm planning to finish all the bodywork in May 2007 when I'm not too busy at work. Getting behind the wheel though brings about a different kind of adrenaline rush: I shudder now when I'm near a passenger jeepney, or a truck, or even a public bus.

I think I just like driving now. Hopefully I'll learn to love it again sometime soon.

It must be in the blood :)

I love being an Auntie / Tita. I get excited thinking of all the experiences I'll get to enjoy with Layla, my niece. We went swimming last February and it was a real treat to see how comfortable she was in the water. Coming from a family of three swimmers (her Mum and Titas), it was inevitable. I'm looking forward to teaching her how to do some bubbles, kicks, dog paddles, etc. Hopefully before the end of this Summer.