24 December 2007

2007 recap :D

To say the least, this year was an out of the box / out of my comfort zone one for me...

Please find above some Christmas party photos (SE 12 and my High School barkada)

Please find below some milestones for 2007...

The Best Thing(s) I did this Year:

Paid the last premium payment of one insurance policy

Swam 100 laps

Fell in (an out of) love, heheh! ;)

Invited my French boss to an SE Beach Party, haha!

Attended a Neil Gaiman Press Conference at Fully Booked-Serendra

Put out a fire with a fire extinguisher during our office Safety Orientation, wild!

The Best Person(s) I met this Year:

Ramona Mae Deitrich (www.ramonamae.com)

My present immediate boss

The Best Place(s) I visited this Year:

Mond's family home in Canyon Woods

Tagaytay Highlands

The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic

The Best Movie I saw this Year:

300 (Wahoo!)

The Best Meal I had this Year:

Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse grilled lambchops, yum-yum :)

The Best Drink(s) I had this Year:

GSM Blue with cran-raspberry juice, I think

White Sangria somewhere in Rockwell

That's all for now!

Wishing everyone a fun-filled, yet safe, new year celebration!

See you in 2008!