21 March 2007

Wanted: Spartan :D

I honestly had no intention of catching 300 in the theaters. What, a war movie? Based on a graphic novel? By the maker of Sin City? No thanks! I've never seen Saving Private Ryan, Flags of our fathers, or Letters from Iwa Jima. I also haven't seen majority of Black Hawk Down or Band of Brothers. I caught Sin City though and probably lived through it because it was shown in black and white, but I'm so not into blood and gore (fiction or historical). Then Carla said two words that challenged my principles: David Wenham .

Yup, I HEART Faramir from LOTR who was cast as Dilios, narrator of the tale, so now I was torn. With that knowledge and a brief glimpse of the making of the movie (There's no bottomless pit, just a lower level with cardboard boxes to comfortably fall on), I went to the theater with Calai...

Wow, I NEED to see this film again. It is an art film, beautiful. You MUST catch it while it's still on the big screen. Really not the same on DVD.

Of course, I'd love to have my own Dilios, too (pre-battle) :)

Crrrrrunch time!!!!!

I'm under a lot of pressure (in my mind) to re-read Harry Potter Books 1-6 before Book 7 comes out in July. Well, I'm making life slightly difficult for myself because I started re-reading The Dark Tower books back in December and am kind of stuck in Book 4. I guess I just want to savor each book more now that I know how things will turn out. At least I reserved my copy of Book 7 at Power Books (Php500 deposit), heheh!

Who is your Super Hero Lover?

Happy days are here again :D

Buh-bye, Romber! Yahooey! Happy, happy, joy, joy! I really had no motivation to catch The Amazing Race All-Stars until I checked out www.wikipedia.org last week and saw who was eliminated during the episode (We get the delayed telecast during our Monday night primetime line up) so I just HAD to see how it happened. Sigh, it was SWEET! Also sad because they're REALLY delusional. They made me tune out of Survivor and I got all bummed out when they were invited to join ANOTHER CBS reality show...Stop the insanity! Make them look for REAL jobs, ugh! Actually, am still unsure about following TAR this season because I'm not that crazy about any of the teams. Maybe I'll root for Team Guido because they're amusing in snippy way, haha!

Man with yummy pillows

Wow, the delinquent blogger lives! :D

Anyway, maybe this post should read 'yummy' man with pillows. Here is a photo from www.neilgaiman.com in answer to a reader question about where in his home does Neil compose his blog entries. He was kind enough to share some photos (candid and posing?). You could see the candid photo on his blog. He also plugged the lovely sushi pillows he bought online. Sorry, I forget where they're from, but you could check his blog (again) if you're interested in getting your own set ;)