29 March 2006

Survival Skills

Just read an update on The Amazing Race 9 on www.cbs.com.
Yet ANOTHER WOMAN had difficulty driving a car with a manual transmission.
It's amusing when these contestants think that everyone around the world drives an automatic.
Then it leads to their downfall, mwahaha!
Unfortunately, it's also a bummer that it's someone of my gender, AGAIN.
You'd think though that after watching eight seasons they'd realize the necessity of this skill.
Some people just never learn...

Happy Monthday :)

Layla, my niece, is five months old today ;)

My Little Demon

I don't know about you but I recently read a few things online (slow work week) that put a smile on the face of my devil inside...

1. http://www.votefortheworst.com/ I know, where have I been? Huddled up in a hole somewhere in Tuguegarao or something? Yes, this site has been around for a while. Check it out though when you have time. Now I understand why Jasmine Trias made it as far as she did in the American Idol Season 3. I was worried that the vast majority of Pinoys in the US were becoming tone deaf.

2. I was reading an article today on http://movies.msn.com/movies/dvd/single by Jim Emerson about his Top 10 movies that make you grateful that you're single (especially on Valentine's Day) and he had this lovely analysis about those psycho-stalker characters..."Play Misty for Me" (1971) provided the jumping-off point for "Fatal Attraction" (1987) and a sterling setting for the seven most terrifying words in the English language: "I did it because I love you!"

Okay, I must nourish my inner cherub, too. Soon ;)


We recently renovated our office and I've been assigned to handle the pantry supplies (a cup of coffee makes for perky, happy and productive employees?). It was okay until I experienced every obsessive-compulsive wannebee homemaker's nightmare last week...gnawed and frayed coffee and chocolate milk sachets, ack! Notice the enthusiasm the vermin had with the milk, yikes! And to think that these were INSIDE the pantry drawer. Just imagining the damage that could've been done had these been on the table top makes me nauseous, sigh. The funny thing was that the coffee creamer remained unscathed ;) I've become more vigilant though in storing our supplies: they're tucked away in the filing cabinet, along with the confidential documents, under lock and key.

Happy midweek :D

10 March 2006

The Call of the Rock Stars

From an article on http://jam.canoe.ca/Music
...U2 was scheduled to play Auckland on March 17 and 18, before kicking off the Australian leg of its "Vertigo" world tour in Brisbane on March 21, followed by Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. The band was scheduled to play in Yokohama on April 4 and in Honolulu on April 8.

Tickets for U2's concert at Aloha Stadium went on sale in January and sold out within an hour, stadium officials said. It was the fastest-selling concert in stadium history, Aloha Stadium spokesman Patrick Leonard said at the time. Some fans slept at Aloha Stadium to get the best seats. Tickets ranged from $50 to $165...
Now, I'm wondering to myself if I would've done the same as the Hawaiian fans if I was there.
Most definitely ;)

09 March 2006

Online window shopping

When I have a moment to breathe at the office, I point my browser to msn.com just to see what's making headlines around the world.

I found this article online last Tuesday and felt so bummed out because Boracay wasn't mentioned. Imagine, it's not even an affordable destination. For Asia they mentioned Indonesia, Thailand and even Cambodia, I think. I hope that I just missed reading the word Philippines by accident. Meanwhile, that image is not a link because I haven't figured out how to do that, yet. Sometime in the future, heheh :D

Now here's another article I enjoyed reading yesterday. Sorry, again, not a link. It talks about how you should have foresight when you build or renovate your home. What could be trendy now may be outdated by the time you think of selling your home. I just saved the photos because they looked like a bathroom I would want to have in my home someday, haha :)

Okay, must get back to work.
Happy surfing msn.com and happy weekend ;)

Earth shattering sounds

From www.curlio.com, an American Idol commentary site.

...the band was absolutely horrid tonight.
Are they always this bad and I missed it or what?
I vote that we insist American Idol hires the Rock Star house band!
Surely there are some amazing session artists out there dying for work?
I've heard better guitarists at my local bar.

02 March 2006

The Man In Black

Looks good ;)