07 June 2007

The Bad Boys of my youth :D

I got nostalgic from this list by Dalton Ross (The Glutton on Entertainment Weekly)...


1. James Spader in Pretty in Pink
The white suit.
The dangling cigarette.
Quite simply, the prep villain against which all others must be measured.

2. William Zabka in The Karate Kid
More of a lifetime achievement award for his jerk work in Karate, Back to School, and Just One of the Guys.

3. Ted McGinley in Revenge of the Nerds
The notorious ''show killer'' simply kills as Stan Gable.
The sweater-tied-around-the-neck look is classic McGinley.

4. Craig Sheffer in Some Kind of Wonderful (It's Hardy Jenns, with two Ns!)
He's ripping off my boy Spader a bit.
Which could be why Lea Thompson dumps him.

5. Aaron Dozier in Better Off Dead
The thinking man's preppy '80s villain, he even comes complete with the totally badass name of Roy Stalin.

What's wrong with this picture?!?

Like many others out there, I was anxiously waiting for the reality show "On The Lot" to begin. A survival of the fittest series by both Stephen Spielberg and Mark Burnett? To quote Bania from Seinfeld, "It's gold, Jerry! Gold!" Three weeks into the show and I've got a bone to pick with the people behind this show...using CBS' Rock Star as a reference:

Why does only America get to vote?
They're not the only ones who watch Hollywood films.
It sucks not to have a say in the fate of the contestants.

Why couldn't it come out twice or thrice a week again but with substance?
Weekly Episode 1: Meet someone from the industry/Assist in an actual production/Get this week's task
Weekly Episode 2: Some off screen drama/View the contestants' works/We get to vote
Weekly Episode 3: Hollywood heavyweights plug their summer movie/Someone goes home
Episodes 1 and 2 could even be just 30 minutes only.

Where did they find that woman claiming to be the show's host?
Adriana Costa? From CNN? Really?
She gives me a migraine when she opens her mouth and she makes Kris Aquino actually look good.
No gift for ad lib or cue card/teleprompter reading either.

Ugh, I'm crossing my fingers that this show survives the Summer and that it was worth sitting through it every week...happy thoughts...

04 June 2007

Grocery stories

I savor my trips to the grocery. I get a kick out of all those items on the shelves, the activity in the aisles and the freebies/taste tests you get once in a while. Mornings are better for me since I get the place mostly to myself and slowly go through all the aisles (You may have a list but you might have forgetten something until you see it). I value my sanity so I avoid going to the grocery with my Mum because she doesn't go through all the aisles from one end to the other AND THEN she makes you go back to a previous aisle because she forgot to get something on her list, huhuhu...

Anyway, I decided to make a list of five (5) annoying things that happen in the grocery (Well, I find them annoying):

5. A posse of rowdy kids with no adult supervision in sight that hover around your aisle
4. You find the one thing on the shelf that you need but it's also the only item without a price tag
3. You need the unscented toiletry item but end up with rows and rows of the scented kind
2. There only three open check out lanes out of maybe 15 lanes 30 minutes before closing
(So much for the express lane) :(
1. People who insist on exiting the grocery through YOUR check out lane WHILE you're paying instead of using the exit lane usually located in the middle of the check out lanes.
Why do they do this?
One girl actually had the audacity to tell me she was in a hurry so I TOOK MY SWEET TIME
(Paid in SMALL change)

Wishing you happy grocery experiences this week onwards ;)