13 November 2007

Happy Bee-day!

Layla, my niece, turned two last 29 October 2007, Monday, so she had her birthday party in Jollibee-BF on 27 October 2007, Saturday. We were planning to celebrate in another venue, but for some reason she really took to Jollibee and kept telling her Mum on the week of the party that her birthday would be held there.

It was a small affair with family and close friends, but it was so much fun. The bee-day girl was starstruck when Jollibee came out...to give her a bike :) They also got to dance to a couple of High School Musical songs, nice!

I can actually say now that I'd recommend the place for a birthday party since they take care of everything, including a birthday gift from Jollibee. As a guest, I really enjoyed our two and half hours in that little air-conditioned room, and Layla's parents seemed pretty steady, too, during the festivities.

Anyway, here's to a wonderful year ahead for our resident bumblebee...